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Why the Changes at That Reading Thing?

That Reading Thing is now global and online. That means anyone in the English speaking world can deliver this proven effective literacy method to teens and adults who are struggling readers and spellers. They can access the full TRT training and all the materials for a fraction of the previous cost.

As is often the case, this change was inspired by a difficulty that needed surmounting – in this situation, drastic funding cuts to both education and youth work.

I sat in a meeting with a wonderful youth organisation that has the will and the ability to use That Reading Thing to change lives. The conversation should have revolved around strategies for engaging young people. Instead it revolved around the cost of running a community based literacy programme.

I was called by a Pupil Referral Unit about what we could do for their young people. The will was there. The need was there. The money wasn’t there.

So I had a couple of choices:

I could stop getting youth workers and community volunteers to deliver real, measurable education or I could make it possible for every organisation to take on their own training quickly and cheaply.

I could sell only to large and well-funded schools or I could change the format so that one person at a time could train without need for time off, cover teachers or travel expenses. And that one person could then support other staff members in their training.

And that was the start of TRT~GO – an online training that is professional and comprehensive but friendly and as personal as the medium allows. The content of the training is exactly the same as you’d get on the regular 2-Day course. The difference is that, instead of role playing (upsetting, I know!), you’ll see me working through unscripted lessons with 3 different young people.

Jack's Lesson

If you want a free taster of the course and a fuller explanation of what’s included, go to TRT~GO and pop in your email address. You’ll get to see Lesson 1, Topic 1.

If you want more information about the packages for schools or community charities, use the contact page and I’ll send you the information.

First review is in!

[The videos] are brilliant by the way; you come across as very approachable and you explain things very logically and clearly. I am onto lesson 3 and am enjoying it thoroughly and everything makes perfect sense.



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