Age-appropriate phonics for secondary schools

Our whole school package includes:

That Reading Thing - an age-appropriate linguistic phonics programme

  • TRT was created for teenagers reading below chronological age.
  • It is used around the world with teens and adults in a variety of settings.
  • This training is for staff who can work one-to-one.
  • The tutor course is all online and accessible in your own time,
  • It requires about 8 hours to complete.
  • Student sessions are delivered face-to-face for an hour per week but timing is flexible.
  • The £160 cost per tutor includes all resources for working one-to-one.

Spelling CPD - an introduction to phonics for high school

Over 3 hours (including follow-up) we will introduce your whole staff to:

  • the principles of linguistic phonics and why they still matter in secondary school
  • how to use age-appropriate phonics across the secondary curriculum
  • syllables, sounds,
 graphemes and morphemes and how to use them to improve spelling and expand vocabulary
  • ideas for both planned and incidental spelling lessons.

Follow-up includes a walk-through of resources curated for your school.