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What People are Saying about TRT

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The Teacher ~

When I referred M to TRT in September,  he lacked confidence in his abilities, was not keen on reading and had a fairly low level of literacy. Since then, he has made great progress both in the skills he has gained and in his attitude. He is engaging more, asking questions, bringing in papers from the mosque which interest him, reading complex texts, has taken a book home to read, comprehending what he is reading, responding to texts, has become more focused with greater stamina, is more punctual. He has reached Level 30.

The Youth Worker ~

I had my first meeting with a Year 10 young woman in a school last week.  When doing the assessments, she got to the fourth word (‘temp’) in Level 4 and got stuck.  By the end of the session, she was able to spell out the word ‘dentist’ and read the word ‘fantastic’ without any prompting from me.  The most amazingly rewarding part of this was the look on her face when she realised what progress she had made in such a short amount of time.  Words can’t describe it.  My interpretation – TRT Rocks!!!

The Academic ~

My calculations .. show that those 20 participants made an average gain of 19.6 months of reading age in just under 7 months, a ratio gain of 2.9. …..In sum, the scheme is meticulously organised and, faithfully delivered, is clearly capable of producing good or even excellent gains for most of the students involved.  – Greg Brooks, Emeritus professor of education, University of Sheffield, an honorary life member and past president of the UK Literacy


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  1. Vanessa

    Really informative and educational site. We briefly chatted via the comments section on struggling readers, and I’m honored that you reference my “Tasha Story” on your site. I’m putting the finishing touches on a decoding workshop for adults and struggling readers, entitled “breaking-down-the-sounds-inside-of-words… since we are passioned workers for this cause, we may be destined to cross paths one day.

  2. Tricia

    Would love that, Vanessa. I spend almost half the year on the west coast of Canada, just a few hours up I5. 🙂

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