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What Older Struggling Readers Need

 Older struggling readers need:

1. to change their minds about reading

    • Reading includes speech and sounds so they learn to use their ears as well as their eyes.
    • English is a code which can be decoded for reading and encoded for spelling.

2. new strategies for attacking unfamiliar words – to replace guessing badly

    • Discover the complete English code
    • Say the sounds and listen for a word
    • Check for meaning in context.

3. confidence

    • All learning needs to be both challenging and safe. An honestly earned sense of accomplishment leads to a willingness to take more risks in reading & spelling.
    • “The Deal” is that students don’t have to know anything that they haven’t learned on the programme. The result is that they know they won’t be “dropped” and always exceed expectations.
    • All lessons are one-to-one to allow our students to make mistakes free from fear of ridicule.

4. fast and age-appropriate lessons

    • This means getting into real text as quickly as possible. Reading material must be something the learner wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with in public.
    • Spelling multi-syllable words from the very beginning – ‘fantastic’ in the first 40 minutes.
    • We go from reading & spelling ‘sap’ to reading & spelling ‘recognition’ in about 5 one hour lessons.

 5. to learn by doing rather than listening

    • TRT is free from explanations. It’s structured to enable learners to discover for themselves how the language works in a variety of context. Tutors guide that discovery & offer “sting free” error correction.
    • It’s explicitly about reading and writing – new skills can be embedded & practised outside the TRT lesson.

See What Happens in a TRT Lesson for more information

2 Responses

  1. Maxwell L. Booker

    Hello TRT People,
    I’m 64 years old; I am a retired Air Force Msgt; my occupation for the last 40+ years has been a medical technologist (MT). I have trained and supervised hundreds of military and civilian co-workers.

    Below is my management by objective (MBO): Yes, I am military to the CORE!

    I want to improve my spelling and reading skills by 200%.
    I want to be able to spell any common English word within seconds.
    I want to read the new papers, books and everything without my Franklin Talking Merriam-Webster dictionary
    I want to write a book and have I published

    Can the TRT programs help me accomplish the above objectives?

  2. Tricia

    Hi – I’ve answered you by email but it may have ended up in your spam folder. (Gmail does that.) Let me know if it hasn’t arrived and I’ll try again. Thanks!

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