Literacy Expert

That Reading Thing turns our thinking upside down - which I think is its greatest strength. It acknowledges that our students have learning inside them. It acknowledges that they are at a completely different developmental point to younger students...The depth of experience with those students 'furthest out' has enabled Tricia to draw out the 'subtleties' of teaching students who think they have failed, the small but powerful elements that make a big difference. - Georgina Mavor, “The Reading Coach”

Primary Deputy Head

By the end of the programme he was working at age level for reading, writing and also for maths, because he could access test papers. He did incredibly well. The impact of That Reading Thing wasn’t isolated to reading and writing. It helped develop his learning overall.

A. Kozyra – Deputy Headteacher, Meadow Primary about TRT with Year 6 (top of primary) students

Professor Greg Brooks

Average progress was 3½ times the standard rate, and certainly significant both educationally and in terms of life chances.

Secondary Literacy Co-ordinator

Better than Miskin!

Mum of a Dyslexic Teen

Ok - so he took nearly an hour to write maybe 200 words, but they were well thought out, sequenced, original and definitely are developing some complexity. I love seeing the hard work he put into getting through Levels 1-30 of TRT now being applied, and that beautiful brain of his then applying what he knows without knowing he’s applying it!

Thank you, Tricia for writing this amazing programme! It has changed our lives.

Support for Learning Teacher

Last year I used That Reading Thing with P7 and S1 (years 6 & 7) students, plus my lovely S4 (year 10) boy, with whom I’ve been working since he began his secondary school journey with the reading skills of a five-year old. I must say that it was a game changer, and I managed to make progress with all of them. It was quite significant for some; 2 years in terms of reading age was the record! It turned out that girl had excellent visual memory and good sight vocabulary, but no decoding skills to tackle unfamiliar words. TRT was all she needed to move forward.

Youth Worker

I had my first meeting with a year 10 young woman in a school last week. On the assessment, she got to the fourth word (‘temp’) in Level 1 and got stuck. By the end of the session, she was able to spell the word ‘dentist’ and read the word ‘fantastic’ without any prompting from me. The most amazingly rewarding part of this was the look on her face when she realised what progress she had made in such a short amount of time. Words can’t describe it. My interpretation – TRT Rocks!!!

13 Year Old

I'll tell you what's different! They're not making me memorize lists of baby words. I can spell (writes on board) condition, I can spell conditioner, I can spell conditioned, I can spell conditioning.

Community Education Director

The beautiful part of That Reading Thing is it’s very directive, it’s very quick. It has 30 very discrete lessons so students see themselves moving faster. It’s also multi-modal, it’s about sight, the reading, the writing and the hearing. It engages all the senses, and you see people really moving faster with it, which is what we’ve been after. - Sue Marasco, the Director of Education at the May Dugan Center in Cleveland, Ohio

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