Phonics for Adults

This post was written in response to the first viewing of the DfE’s subject content document for Functional Skills English reforms published in 2017. I wrote it with no idea that I’d be involved in the creation of the ETF’s Post-16 Phonics Approaches. It’s a joy to look back at my “ideal world of phonics for adults” and see that we managed to fit quite a lot of it into the toolkit. ******************************** My biggest fear about formalising phonics with … Read More

Post-16 Phonics Toolkit

Do you work in a post-16 setting? In 2018, I had the wonderful experience of working with a team of authors with extraordinary expertise in adult education.Together we wrote the toolkit (link below) and created trainings for professionals in the world of post-16 literacy. There are so many unique settings in the field and the toolkit can flex to work in any of them. It is based on the linguistic phonics principles which underpin That Reading Thing but it also … Read More