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Spelling Error Analysis

Jules Daulby (@JulesDaulby) has written interesting posts about the kinds of spelling mistakes students make when writing. It got me wondering how well my ideas of how to teach spelling from scratch stand up against actual mistakes, so I’ve made a 7 minute VideoScribe to look at how I’d categorise those errors and correct them using a multi-sensory, linguistic phonics spelling method. (Based on the first 2 of Jules’ posts.)

Watch the video 

Here’s a summary of the errors:

spelling errors for blog post



2 Responses

  1. Challisteacher

    This is really interesting and as a specialist teacher I am loathed to just teach the letter sounds or rules of spelling when neither appear engaging to that particular child. This type of analysis is much more child-centred and should, hopefully have much better results for the child.
    Thanks for the tips

  2. Tricia

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree that it’s worth figuring out why a mistake is being made rather than just noting an incorrect answer. None of these errors could have been prevented by the child knowing “letter sounds” – which I call Toxic Phonics, or spelling rules.

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