We’re thrilled to introduce you to Kirsty Powell, the creator of the Powell Phonics Checker, an assessment of phonics gaps for students aged 11 up to adult. The link below will take you to the PPC site where you can request more information about pricing. (We recommend the checker but PPC and TRT are not affiliated.)

A word from Kirsty Powell:

Older learners can be very good at masking their reading difficulties. As a result, it can be challenging for teachers to know who needs the most support with reading, and in what form. Teachers frequently report that computer-based reading assessments can be unreliable, particularly for learners who are struggling the most, as it can be difficult to know whether missed questions indicate a lack of ability or a lack of motivation.

The Powell Phonics Checker (PPC) is a face-to-face assessment which has been created to allow teachers to quickly and reliably assess phonics gaps in learners aged 11 up to adult. The PPC generates a percentage score for each learner in both reading and spelling, and recommends age-appropriate interventions according to the results. The whole assessment takes about eight minutes, making it ideal as both an initial assessment and a diagnostic tool which can be used to measure progress and the benefits of interventions used. The PPC is easy to use and can be conducted by anyone with good levels of literacy

                                                             Go to the Powell Phonics Checker site for more information and school licence pricing.