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Literacy and Confidence

Sometimes a student needs to know they’re better than they thought. Here’s 14 year old Kazys’s interview.

Interview with Kazys, 

A 14 year old boy who gained 10 months in 6 TRT sessions.

 What have you got out of That Reading Thing?

I’ve gained confidence, I am a better reader than I thought I was. I have gained spelling & reading skills.

How did you feel about reading before you started?

I could read, but I thought I was behind everyone else. When I read out loud, I stumbled on words I could usually read.

How do you feel about reading now?

 I am more confident; I can read out loud without stumbling.

What’s changed now that you can read?

 I am more confident.

How has doing TRT affected your behaviour?

 It hasn’t, I didn’t have any bad behaviour before.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

 Social, confident, bubbly.

How would you describe yourself before you started TRT?

 Behind with reading.

Has TRT changed the way you feel about yourself?

 Yes, it has given me a confidence boost.

What would you say to someone who can’t read?

Keep reading.

What would you say to someone who wants to be a volunteer?

 Be patient.

Help the young people in your life find their confidence in the classroom.


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  1. Georgina Mavor

    Such words of wisdom for the volunteers!

  2. Tricia

    I know! Be patient. Love that.

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