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Success Story

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I received this email from a recently trained TRT tutor.

“I had a really great thing happen today with a learner and am desperate to share it with you!

I put him on The That Reading Thing almost immediately after I got back from the training and have been trying to visit him as often as possible. He has really tried hard during the sessions and we have had some laughs along the way! He is currently on level 22 and the lessons leading up to this have given me mixed feelings…is it working…it’s not working…ooo it is working. At the end of today’s session the learner read a whole chapter independently; he was a completely different person. He was relaxed and confident; he even explained something to me about a sentence in it. That was a real boost for him!

I cannot thank you enough I have never felt such a sense of achievement like I felt today in that lesson and it’s all because of the programme you created.”