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Evidence 1 ~ Anecdotes & Data

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Both of these arrived via email recently.They both tell their stories in different ways.  I especially love how the anecdote acknowledges the importance of a tutor who won’t give up in the face of resistance.  I would like numbers so much more if they could express those crucial details.

Anecdote – from Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest.

…the teacher of the girl I am currently supporting says that TRT, (ThatReadingThing), has had the most impact and taken this particular girl further forward with her literacy than anything else she has tried – the girl is in year 10 and has been through all sorts of systems. I think it is in part due to my rugged determination to get her through the levels when she likes to play games and try to be a bit resistant but she is also clearly getting the basic ideas down now and using it well in her reading in particular.

Data – from a tiny school for boys with emotional & behavioural disorders

6 month results:

Pupil A – improved reading by 8 months in 6 months, spelling by 17 months

Pupil B – improved reading by 12 months, spelling by 10 months in the same period

Both greatly improved in fluency and confidence with reading.

12 month results:

Pupil C – improved reading by 3 years 5 months and spelling by 8 months in 12 month period.

Pupil D – improved reading by 22 months and spelling remained unchanged in 12 months.

Don’t forget that the results can be affected by the mood of the pupil on day of testing.  I would say that Pupils B has improved more than 12 months but doesn’t like tests and probably underperforms, as do A and D.”