» » “Dirty 30” – most misspelt (or misspelled) words at GCSE #1

“Dirty 30” – most misspelt (or misspelled) words at GCSE #1

At That Reading Thing (despite our name) we believe every single secondary teacher, no matter what their subject, should have an easy to implement strategy for spelling in their classroom. A good strategy should capitalize on what students already know and remove the need for remembering every word by sight.

Our unofficial motto is No More Look Cover Write Check! and we mean if from the bottom of our hearts.

According to Professor Greg Brooks, the English code behaves predictably 77% of the time. The “Dirty 30” list – even though it’s comprised of words that area apparently very difficult to spell – has a 73/27 split between predictable and more tricky spellings.

Post #2 and Post #3 talk about those in more detail.

Most of what I write about on the subject of spelling is in my little e-book for classroom teachers which is now on offer for £1.99/$2.99. The link takes you to the TRT for Teachers website.

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You can also, on this site, view the little spelling videos I made.





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