Reading & Spelling with a Visual Learner

Dusted off and polished up – because the myth of learning styles never goes away. Not all That Reading Thing students are disaffected and disengaged. Pete is in his twenties and formally diagnosed as severely dyslexic. He reads well but his spelling is a huge embarrassment to him. He’s accomplished in many other areas and can clearly explain his strategies for reading and writing. Reading: “I know all the words by sight”. (and he does – sort of) Spelling: “I … Read More

Spelling Error Analysis

Jules Daulby (@JulesDaulby) has written interesting posts about the kinds of spelling mistakes students make when writing. It got me wondering how well my ideas of how to teach spelling from scratch stand up against actual mistakes, so I’ve made a 7 minute VideoScribe to look at how I’d categorise those errors and correct them using a multi-sensory, linguistic phonics spelling method. (Based on the first 2 of Jules’ posts.) Watch the video  Here’s a summary of the errors:   … Read More

Bomb, Comb, Tomb – why strugglers need to know how English works

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Yesterday I followed a link from Twitter to an interesting article talking about British Dyslexia Association training from the perspective of a phonics expert, Elizabeth Nonweiler. In the Spelling Course section (page 8 in the linked document) under the heading, “Why Is English So Difficult?”, is the following point: If we say they can get by with pure phonics, we are telling them a lie, because of words such as “tomb”, “comb” and “bomb”. The important truth of this sentence … Read More

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