Evidence 3 ~ A Second Look

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Here is the same data with a few extra details.  Here are the things I notice: Those with the greatest gains, started with a reading age of 8 or so One of the girls made a 2 year gain in one week.  I would assume that her spelling age is now well behind her reading age. Of the three with the smallest gains, one has English as an additional language and a head injury, one is very new to the … Read More

Evidence 2 ~ Another Project

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These numbers come from an inner city volunteer literacy project.   The reading ages were measured using the Burt Reading Assessment which is available free from here. I’ll add more details about the learners as I get them.  It will be interesting to see who has statemented learning needs, who speaks English as an additional language and who has particular behaviour problems. (Or all three.) A huge thank you to all the tutors and young people for their hard work! Sex … Read More

Evidence 1 ~ Anecdotes & Data

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Both of these arrived via email recently.They both tell their stories in different ways.  I especially love how the anecdote acknowledges the importance of a tutor who won’t give up in the face of resistance.  I would like numbers so much more if they could express those crucial details. Anecdote – from Worth Unlimited in Waltham Forest. …the teacher of the girl I am currently supporting says that TRT, (ThatReadingThing), has had the most impact and taken this particular girl … Read More

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