Poverty, Culture & Education

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Multiple link alert! – But the post makes sense without following them……. It all started with some tweets about whether or not “talking more to your baby” will actually boost their intelligence – prompted by this Guardian article. Dorothy Bishop wrote an interesting post from her researcher’s perspective. And I wrote the following reply which doesn’t so much disagree with Bishop as worry how people might be tempted to use what she wrote. Dorothy Bishop’s blog post is a good … Read More

On Being the Collateral Damage of Michael Rosen

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I suspect that, given the chance to have a chat, Michael Rosen and I would agree on a lot. I love the art, magic and power of language both written and aloud. I read to my children until they were in high school. I have no professional purpose in life other than getting young people over the humiliation of not being able to read and spell by supporting them into the world of text. I’m suspicious of commercial educational concerns … Read More

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