Literacy Conversation – start with spelling

This is the second post about developing a literacy conversation in your classroom. What shared language do you use with your students to talk about a word they’re struggling to spell or read? We’re limiting this post to four terms, two of which are perfect for literacy conversations with all students and two of which are useful for talking about the language. sound & spelling phoneme & grapheme Because of changes to the curriculum, your students might need phoneme and … Read More

Do you have ‘Literacy Conversations’?

This is the start of a short series about the language/terminology/jargon of phonics – but first a little news! When I started That Reading Thing I worked in the overlapping sectors of alternative education and youth offending and I wrote the programme for teens who were almost all from the North End of Birkenhead. Since then, both the geography and the sectors have expanded beyond all hope and expectation. With the launch of That Spelling Thing, we’ve got tutors and … Read More