The TRT Method

You won't find a better reading method for teens and adults. TRT is fun but satisfying, challenging but safe and fast. It is evidence-based and externally assessed by Professor Greg Brooks. Students work from sound to print using age-appropriate vocabulary and real reading material. The method has its roots in linguistic phonics but has grown its own way of working with older learners for the fastest possible results.

Age-appropriate Phonics

Training & Resources

Online training to become a TRT tutor is available anywhere in the world that we can send materials. The cost of £160 (ex VAT) per staff member includes the full course and resources for working one-to-one with no additional licences or fees. It also includes membership to our tutor support site with extra resources & reminder videos. Ask about discounts for 10 or more on the same order.

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Delivering the Method

TRT requires about 1 hour per week one-to-one for 6-12 hours. After that, when confidence has increased, small group work is an option. Add in spelling and writing to complement reading practice. Some will need one-to-one for longer, especially those who are still embarrassed to read in front of peers. That Reading Thing flexes with the needs of all learners and settings and is delivered by both experts and novices with great results.

What Happens in a TRT Lesson?