"It never fails to engage those who need it most."

Who benefits from That Reading Thing?


TRT is for secondary age students in school or out of school. They might be many years behind in reading or just need a boost to access the language they need to thrive in high school. Dyslexic or "just missed it", angry or co-operative, TRT is for them.

Post-16 & Adults

They might be in an FE college, a community project, or they might be a friend or neighbour. TRT works for adults anywhere. Phonics is going to be mandatory in Functional Skills, so get in touch for a chat. We've had a 15 year headstart & have a lot of expertise to share..

Year 6 P7

We used to be very protective of our high school brand, but wonderful things can happen for top of primary students who need a literacy boost before their transition to high school. TRT is priced so it's affordable if you have only one pupil who needs it

"A colleague in learning support says it's one of the most rewarding things she has done with students."

How does it work?

The TRT Method
TRT is a fun but satisfying, safe but challenging, age-appropriate method. Students discover how sound and print relate in the context of grown-up meaningful vocabulary and real reading material.

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Training & Resources

Online training to become a TRT tutor is available anywhere in the world that we can send your materials. £150 + p&p On-site training is available throughout the UK and Ireland. Ask about Australia.

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Delivering the Method

TRT requires about 1 hour per week 1-to-1. The most dramatic gains happen in the first 6-12 hours, but the following lessons are also important. Use them for reading & more reading and spelling practice too.

What Happens in a TRT Lesson?

"That Reading Thing is very quick...It engages all the senses,

and you see people really moving faster with it, which is what we’ve been after."

Who trains to deliver TRT?

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Teachers & Support Staff

There are teachers and support staff working in mainstream schools, special schools, pupil referral units, training agencies, youth offending teams and community education projects.

Professional Tutors

Dyslexia SpLd tutors, speech & language therapists, psychologists and general literacy specialists are using That Reading Thing.


Non-professional just in the teaching sense, parents, youth workers, and volunteers are all making a huge difference in their families and local communities.

"Thank you for such fantastic support almost a year after I purchased TRT.

I think TRT is the best value for money resource I have bought."